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Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Trusted Referral Partners

We are pleased to enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with multiple business and referral partners. A few are listed here; all are enthusiastically endorsed by BWA.

Andria Whalon

Banking Center Manager

My name is Andria Whalon and I am a Banking Center Manager with Comerica Bank at the Parmer Branch. I have been in the Banking industry for 15 years and focus on helping the small business community. I specialize in assisting with cash flow, growth, establishing business credit and much more. Comerica Bank has been around for over 150 years and we exceed expectations of what a Bank can be.

We are a full service relationship bank. I would love to schedule an appointment and discuss your financial goals and help simplify your banking.

I can be reached at 512-973-3091 or

Vivianne "Vivi" Pearson

Founder of VMP foundation and Broken into Purpose

Vivianne “Vivi” Pearson, a mother to two amazing children, a U. S. Army Veteran, serial-entrepreneur (beauty & fitness brand), founder of both VMP foundation and Broken into Purpose. Philanthropist, speaker, and recently featured as Vogue’s rising star as a Mortgage Loan Officer specializing in Divorce mortgage, VMP Estate. Throughout both her businesses and personal life she stands on three tiers. Those are to Educate, Empower & give back to the Community.

Vivi is what we like to call, R³ Reliable | Resourceful | Resilient. She’s committed to providing both her clients and referring partners with the knowledge needed to make homeownership a reality. Vivi’s passion to serve others is exemplified daily through transparency, integrity and having her clients best interest in mind.

VMP Estate, provides Luxury Mortgage and Real Estate Services. VMP Estate provides expert knowledge in divorce mortgage and preserving home eligibility. VMP Estate is excited to launch VMP Academy. The academy will provide a series of Mastermind courses to help and guide real estate agents to take their business from an operation to a profit first business. While providing consumers with courses to make them competitive shoppers in today’s market.

Connect with Vivi directly via phone 512-884-2117 or for your real estate needs.

Amy Adler

Adler Divorce Financial Consulting

Amy Adler is a CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and 2x divorcee. She started her career as a CPA and fraud examiner in Big 4 public accounting, internal audit, fraud investigation, training, and corporate accounting at organizations such as Deloitte, Whole Foods Market, ERCOT, and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. But after her second divorce, Amy had the revelation that she could use her background in accounting, fraud, and auditing, and her personal experience in divorce, along with her clergy background to help others feel supported through their own divorces with a rational, knowledgeable, and compassionate advocate. Amy has always felt called to serve others, and this work is the perfect “marriage” of her skills, interests, and experience. Her goal is to help others reduce the stress, time commitment, and cost of going through divorce while setting clients up for a bright future. Amy is a single mom of two teenagers, and in her spare time, she enjoys lifting weights, hiking, visiting with friends and family, officiating weddings, and singing.


Elijah Cheeks

Owner of CBR Capital

Elijah Cheeks owner of CBR Capital, is an entrepreneur born in Massachusetts with a passion for helping business owners thrive using business credit.

Elijah’s career as an entrepreneur was developed in college after an internship with Fortune 500 company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Working in corporate America drove Elijah to make the decision to work in the private sector helping average business owners.

 While being a full time student at Florida A&M University, Elijah not only obtained his mortgage brokers license, he also bought his first property to begin his real estate investing journey at the humble age of 20.

Since then he has invested in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, bought and sold companies he sourced financing for, and helped hundred of business owners eliminate the white noise about building business credit and getting funded. Entrepreneurs all over the USA work with his company to scale their businesses using business credit while protecting their assets and personal credit.

His team educates and empowers business owners to (5x) their businesses with out using personal assets. CBR’s white glove business funding program helps their clients run their businesses vs their businesses running them. They provide business coaching and consulting that drives growth with our simple formula – fund, niche, scale.

Wendy Dabrusin

Divorce Lending Professional

As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, I specialize in working with divorcing clients and other divorcing professionals such as family law attorneys and financial planners. I have been trained by the Divorce Lending Institute in the legal and tax aspects of the divorce process as it relates to real estate and mortgage financing. This specific training allows me to help my divorcing clients and their professional divorce teams recognize potential obstacles and opportunities related to real estate and mortgage financing helping to set clients up for success post decree.

Since divorcing couples comprise a large portion of the real estate market, Divorce Lending Professionals are a new and growing trend in the mortgage industry. Sadly, over 50% of all marriages end in divorce however, those numbers are decreasing. In over 70% of those cases, the parties involved are either buying a house, selling a house, or both. A Divorce Lending Professional who understands the special problems and laws that govern the dissolution of marriage can be a great asset at a very difficult time to both the divorcing client and the professional divorce team.

DeJhauna Smith

Founder of Reach Your Bliss Image Consulting

DeJhauna Smith, founder of Reach Your Bliss Image Consulting, empowers service-based women entrepreneurs to amplify their personal power and effortlessly attract dream clients. Through personal styling and branding, we cultivate confidence, helping you establish an authentic, magnetic presence that drives business growth. Our holistic approach ensures a powerful and sustainable transformation. DeJhauna’s journey from shyness to empowerment drives us to help you step into your own power and serve your intended audience.

Connect directly with DeJhauna via email at or at

Austin Divorce Resources

When you want to get married, there are lots of wedding conventions to help you tie the knot. But what about when you want to untie it?

We started Austin Divorce Resources to help you get connected with the resources you need to navigate the murky waters of divorce, to heal yourself from the loss of relationship, and to envision and work towards a new future for yourself.

Dale J. Brown, PhD

writer and speaker

Dale J. Brown, PhD, is a writer and speaker who has a passion to see men survive and thrive beyond their divorce. Having experienced the trauma of divorce himself, he knows the limited resources available to men to get through divorce. Determined to plug this gap, he founded Men’s Divorce Recovery in 2016. MDR serves men through direct care, conferences, books and small groups where available.

Dale has served as a chaplain for hospice, hospitals, and volunteer fire departments, and led men’s retreats and conferences. He has worked in multiple prisons and with sex offenders and victims. He has pastored six churches in Texas and New England and lived and taught abroad. His passion is to help men make a lasting impact on the world and to finish well.

Contact email:

Whether you are new to Austin, new to Texas or have lived here for ages, let Lesly Rascoe partner with you in your search for your next place to call home.

Lesly believes Austin’s beauty, location and culture are beyond measure; she wants to help you find your home in the Austin are, a place that is your place where you will live, grow and prosper.

Michael Edwards


“At Precision Bookkeeping, we help our clients succeed by offering customized financial record keeping. In our way of thinking, accurate record keeping is essential, but it is only part of the equation. Using this information in the well-organized manner is crucial to our client’s day-to-day business decisions, long-term growth and success.”

Contact email:

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