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Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Trusted Referral Partners

We are pleased to enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with multiple business and referral partners. A few are listed here; all are enthusiastically endorsed by BWA.

Jamie Zeigler

Senior Loan Originator

I came into this industry over 10 years ago. I was a RVP for a credit company in the East Coast and AR traveling from my native home of Colorado 3 weeks a month. As a mother of two teenagers this was weighing heavily on me and them. My desire to help families and anyone with credit issues wanting to buy a home was huge. I grew tired of watching credit repair companies promise the world to clients and just keep stalling them out to get the next months fee. As someone who had to rebuild from the ground up after a divorce 14 years ago, I had a story to share and my passion to make my clients road less bumpy through life’s ups and downs. Over my lifetime I have owned 20+ homes and rentals. I have had catastrophic closings and ones that were a breeze. ANYONE can be a mortgage lender, few can really share a heartfelt passion for your story and your needs. I am relentless in what I do for my clients, passionate about their goals and dreams, honest to a fault- I will let you know when something isn’t right before it blows up, and will always have my heart in your loan. I have a true love for home renovation loans and reverse loans. Getting people in a truly better situation than they were in before and not in over their heads is my first goal in lending.

Austin Divorce Resources

When you want to get married, there are lots of wedding conventions to help you tie the knot. But what about when you want to untie it?

We started Austin Divorce Resources to help you get connected with the resources you need to navigate the murky waters of divorce, to heal yourself from the loss of relationship, and to envision and work towards a new future for yourself.

Dale J. Brown, PhD

writer and speaker

Dale J. Brown, PhD, is a writer and speaker who has a passion to see men survive and thrive beyond their divorce. Having experienced the trauma of divorce himself, he knows the limited resources available to men to get through divorce. Determined to plug this gap, he founded Men’s Divorce Recovery in 2016. MDR serves men through direct care, conferences, books and small groups where available.

Dale has served as a chaplain for hospice, hospitals, and volunteer fire departments, and led men’s retreats and conferences. He has worked in multiple prisons and with sex offenders and victims. He has pastored six churches in Texas and New England and lived and taught abroad. His passion is to help men make a lasting impact on the world and to finish well.

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Whether you are new to Austin, new to Texas or have lived here for ages, let Lesly Rascoe partner with you in your search for your next place to call home.

Lesly believes Austin’s beauty, location and culture are beyond measure; she wants to help you find your home in the Austin are, a place that is your place where you will live, grow and prosper.

Michael Edwards


“At Precision Bookkeeping, we help our clients succeed by offering customized financial record keeping. In our way of thinking, accurate record keeping is essential, but it is only part of the equation. Using this information in the well-organized manner is crucial to our client’s day-to-day business decisions, long-term growth and success.”

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